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Ten Hymns of the Church

Delve into the powerful messages of these cherished hymns, drawing closer to God as you reflect on their significance. Subscribe now and receive a new devotional in your inbox every week, with space to record your own heartfelt thoughts as God speaks to you

Faithful Women of God: The Stories of Ruth and Esther

Delve into the powerful messages of these two Bible books and the women whose lives inspired them. As Ruth and Esther embraced the purpose God had for them, He blessed them beyond their dreams!

The Prophet Amos

The prophet Amos prophesied in the eighth century BC. Although Amos grew up in Judah, the southern kingdom, God sent him to the northern kingdom of Israel. Amos focused especially on the social injustice he saw there, and called them to return to the covenant God had established with them centuries earlier. Amos had a tough calling, but as he yielded to God’s purpose, God used him as a prophet, and we’re still talking about him today.

A Glimpse Into Our Personal Faith Journey

Many times during my life, I have read the biblical accounts of God’s people who trusted him for deliverance, provision, protection, and more. But what about today? Does God still work personally in the lives of his people? Beginning in 1980, my wife Yvonne and I maintained a journal of God’s faithfulness to our family. These devotionals provide personal glimpses into the faith journey we have walked together.
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