The Ministry Multiplication Cycle

By Dr. Bill Jones

After harmonizing the four Gospels into one unified story, the author examines the ministry of Jesus to see what we can learn today for our own churches and ministries. As the story unfolds, one finds Jesus implementing four strategic ministry tactics, in this order:

•Outsiders becoming new believers through evangelism

•New believers becoming committed disciples through establishing

•Committed disciples becoming effective workers through equipping

•Effective workers becoming world Christians through missions mobilization

Together these four tactics form the “ministry multiplication cycle.” To determine whether this strategy is truly a biblical strategy or not, an in-depth look is then taken into the book of Acts. There we find the apostles, the men whom Jesus trained, implementing these same four tactics in the exact same order, with the exact same results—powerful growth through multiplication.

The question remains whether the ministry multiplication cycle can be replicated today in our own culture. The answer is a resounding “yes,” when we learn to think in terms of principles and not just practices.

This book is a product of over thirty years of clarifying these principles in the classroom and implementing them around the world, the latter resulting in over two thousand churches being planted among unreached people groups.

About the Author

Bill Jones

For over three decades Dr. Bill Jones has enjoyed the opportunity to serve simultaneously in two distinct yet complementary arenas, the university campus and world missions. At Columbia International University, known for its strong Bible teaching and emphasis on missionary service, Jones served first as a professor and then president. Currently he serves as the university’s chancellor. At Crossover Global, a church planting organization he co-founded to provide gospel access among unreached people groups, he served first as president until becoming chairman of the global board.

After ten years of teaching weekly Bible studies in Columbia, South Carolina to marketplace leaders, Jones suspected that other marketplace leaders living in much larger cities might not have the opportunity to conveniently drive to and from a strong Bible study. What began as an experiment in 2011 via email with five marketplace leaders around the country has grown into the Ezra Journey with a variety of Bible study offerings.

A passionate communicator, Jones has spoken to thousands around the world. He has also authored several books including Putting Together the Puzzle of the Old Testament, Putting Together the Puzzle of the New Testament and The Ministry Multiplication Cycle. Along with Dr. Bryan Beyer, he has co-authored Scripture’s Grand Story through the Old Testament. Jones graduated summa cum laude from Georgia Tech and holds doctorates from both Columbia Biblical Seminary and Gordon Conwell Seminary.

Jones married Debby Jones, coauthor of Lady in Waiting, a book on ten character qualities of a godly woman based on the Bible book of Ruth. Bill and Debby have four married children and eleven grandchildren.

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